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The State of Diversity in Tech

Right now, Black and Latinx people only make up around 5% - 8% of the tech workforce. Women account for a mere 1 in every four tech jobs. For Native Americans and Indigenous groups, employment numbers are even lower, at around 1% at leading tech companies. These numbers reflect an improvement over the last few years, but this is not nearly enough.

Diversity Is Innovative

The tech industry sets out to serve a remarkably diverse world. To accomplish this, the industry itself has to reflect that world. At Virtasant, we understand the need to embrace fresh perspectives, probe unexamined problems, and tap into unique ideas. We want to support the innovative minds that represent the groups and communities that are still getting left behind in tech.To achieve this mission, we created the Future Leaders in Technology scholarship for students from these communities, who are pursuing careers in tech.

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Future Leaders in Technology judging and award:

The winners of the Future Leaders in Technology scholarship will be selected twice per year (January 1st and June 30th of every year) as follows.

One award of

$ 2,500

to a college student

Two awards of

$ 1,000

to high school seniors

To be eligible for the Future Leaders in Technology scholarship award, you must:

Be a high school, college, or university student pursuing a degree in computer science, electrical engineering or data science.

Be a member of an underrepresented group, including:

Black or African American
Hispanic or Latinx
American Indian or Native American

College or university students

Next application deadline in

High school seniors

Next application deadline in

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