We are a global, diverse team of cloud experts building the next generation of cloud solutions.

We believe that the public cloud is the future of computing, and that if leveraged to its full potential, can help organizations unleash tremendous possibilities.

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Virtasant delivers outcomes

Not just software.

Not just services.

We deliver outcomes in the cloud.

We believe that in order for companies to truly thrive in the cloud, new kinds of solutions are required. Solutions that combine the power of innovative technology with deep expertise, robust delivery methods, and a focus on outcomes.


The public cloud is amazingly scalable and flexible, which is why it is so powerful. Those same characteristics make it difficult to manage. We help organizations drive down cost, improve cloud operations, increase scalability, and improve performance.

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Our teams manage over 1 billion lines of code, 55,000 cloud accounts and hundreds of products every day. We built a global team to help organizations manage their cloud infrastructure so they can focus on their business.

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To truly leverage the power of the public cloud, you need to build for the public cloud. We focus on building cloud-native applications and products for cloud-first organizations.

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We migrated our first product to the cloud in 2007, and we've migrated hundreds since. Our value-focused, highly-automated approach is like nothing else in the industry.

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Everything we do has one common ingredient:  some of the best cloud experts in the world, working to help organizations make the most of the cloud.

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Our Principles

As a global company, we believe that there are amazingly talented people in every corner of the world, so we look for the very best people, regardless of where they live. The public cloud is changing the way organizations are leveraging technology, and we see an opportunity to drive a similar shift in how cloud-focused organizations are served.

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We believe that diverse teams are high-performing teams, and that businesses have a responsibility to embrace diversity and provide opportunities for those with the skill and desire to succeed, but not the opportunity.

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Cloud First

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of every business - all organizations are becoming technology companies.

The public cloud is the platform for this dramatic shift, giving companies the power to transform through technology with unprecedented speed and scale.

This is why the public cloud is our sole focus.

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Client Focus

Our clients are the foundation of everything we do, and we are pioneering an outcome-based model to better align ourselves to the goals and interests of our clients.

Put simply, we want to do the right thing for our clients, every minute of every day. Their success is our success, so we've built our model to fully align to their goals, not license costs or billable hours.

A person celebrating a new scholarship earned by the Future Leaders in Technology Program by Virtasant

Future Leaders

in Technology Scholarship

At Virtasant, we believe that while capability is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. Our experience tells us that diverse teams are high-performing teams, bringing a richness of perspective, experience, and insight.

All of us are better off when every person is given the chance to live up to their full potential. We started the Future Leaders in Technology Scholarship to help level the playing field in technology and increase diversity in our industry.

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Global Community

We are building on of the world's leading communities of elite cloud professionals.

Our Clouders program provides a unique training and development program with the goal of building the world's largest community of certified cloud experts.

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Our Thinking

With a global team of some of the world’s best cloud professionals in 130+ countries,
we have a wide range of viewpoints, a ton of expertise, and a lot to say.

Virtasant is a leading provider of outcome-based solutions in the cloud. We leverage a combination of proprietary automation, proven methods, and deep cloud expertise to help companies of all sizes thrive in the cloud.  We are not an on-demand freelance talent platform. If you are looking for an on-demand freelance talent platform, there are many to choose from including Toptal, Andela, X-Team, A.Team, and Hyqoo.

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