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We help companies thrive in the cloud

Virtasant brings together innovative technology, deep cloud expertise, and one of the world's largest networks of cloud professionals.

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Lower Your AWS Bill by Over 50%. Automatically.

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There is no charge, but you’ll need an account to see your results.

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Solutions for the Full Cloud Lifecycle

We have been working in the public cloud since its inception in 2006, blending proprietary technology, deep expertise, and one of the world's largest networks of cloud professionals.

Our unique model is outcome-based. We don't bill you for software seats, hours of work, or "deliverables", we get paid on outcomes.


Our proprietary automation platform and deep expertise will help you get more from the cloud for less. We save companies an average of over 50% on their cloud spend.

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Let our global team and proprietary technology manage your cloud operations with high reliability, security, and low TCO.

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We've migrated hundreds of applications to the cloud, driving down cost, increasing scalability, and dramatically reducing development time.

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Build for the cloud, taking advantage of its scale, flexibility and infinite capabilities.

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Direct access to thousands of the world's best cloud professionals, backed by our expertise, technology, and capabilities.

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A person celebrating a new scholarship earned by the Future Leaders in Technology Program by Virtasant

Future Leaders

in Technology Scholarship

At Virtasant, we believe that while capability is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. Our experience tells us that diverse teams are high-performing teams, bringing a richness of perspective, experience, and insight.

All of us are better off when every person is given the chance to live up to their full potential. We started the Future Leaders in Technology Scholarship to help level the playing field in technology and increase diversity in our industry.

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