Virtasant and AWS

For over 15 years, we have been dedicated to migrating, managing, and building exceptional products on AWS.

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AWS Cloud Operations Competency Launch Partner

Discover how we can help you plan and optimize your cloud spend from day one. As an AWS Cloud Operations Launch Partner specializing in Cloud Financial Management, we have proven our ability to deliver results and make measurable improvements in our clients' cloud efficiency. Let's discuss how we can do the same for your organization.

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JIVE's Giant Move to the cloud

Learn how a worldwide distributed enterprise social software company successfully transitioned millions of users and lines of code to the AWS cloud, achieving full cloud-native status.


Solutions for the Full Cloud Lifecycle on AWS

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Migrate to AWS

Maximize ROI with our value-focused methods& automation.

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Manage AWS Resources

Let us manage your cloud infrastructure and operations to scale & drive value.

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AWS Cloud Financial Management

Reduce spend, increase efficiency & reduce your carbon footprint, guaranteed.

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Build on AWS

Build amazing cloud-native products with our elite global teams.

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Successfully navigate the #1 FinOps challenge

Breakout Session | AWS re:Invent 2022

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Cloud Financial Management

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Our AWS Cloud Community

Our Clouders program provides a unique training and development program with the goal of building the world's largest community of AWS certified cloud experts.

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There is no charge, but you’ll need an account to see your results.

2. Setup

Our automated, 3-step wizard will walk you through the process.


We will show you how much you can save, including specific recommendations for reducing your cloud spend

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