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We are building the next generation technology services company.
One that is fully remote, client-focused, highly innovative, and built to scale.

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We believe that in order for companies to truly thrive in the cloud, new kinds of solutions are required.
Solutions that combine the power of innovative technology with deep expertise, robust delivery methods, and a focus on outcomes.

Our Principles

As a global company, we believe that there are amazingly talented people in every corner of the world, so we look for the very best people, regardless of where they live.

The public cloud is changing the way organizations are leveraging technology, and we see an opportunity to drive a similar shift in how cloud-focused organizations are served.

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We believe that diverse teams are high-performing teams, and that businesses have a responsibility to embrace diversity and provide opportunities for those with the skill and desire to succeed, but not the opportunity.

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Cloud First

Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of every business - all organizations are becoming technology companies.

The public cloud is the platform for this dramatic shift, giving companies the power to transform through technology with unprecedented speed and scale.

This is why the public cloud is our sole focus.

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Client Focus

Our clients are the foundation of everything we do, and we are pioneering an outcome-based model to better align ourselves to the goals and interests of our clients.

Put simply, we want to do the right thing for our clients, every minute of every day. Their success is our success, so we've built our model to fully align to their goals, not license costs or billable hours.

Global Community

We are building one of the world's leading communities of elite cloud professionals.

Our Clouders program provides a unique training and development program with the goal of building the world's largest community of certified cloud experts.

"We offer the opportunity for talented individuals all over the world to not only work from where they are but to work on cutting-edge technology with all the big cloud providers at some of the world's best companies."

Michael Kearns

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Experience the Best of Remote Work

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How we work

Creating the perfect balance

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Work from

This is at the core of our business. We work fully remote by design, to accommodate your style of work. Whether it’s the comfort of your own home, the convenience of a co-working space, or a new setting each week, work wherever you choose.

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Become a
cloud expert

Virtasant has partnerships with the 3 largest cloud providers. By joining the team, you can access their training and certifications at no cost and take your career to the next level. 

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We are a globally distributed company that values diversity in all shapes and forms. We promote diversity of thought and understand the positive impact of this in the way we work, build and provide business solutions for our clients. 

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Find Work-Life

Every member of the team has the ability to adapt their hours of work to their needs and take time off as needed. We are focused on outcomes, not working hours. We believe in the importance of breaks and time off so we can all lead productive and healthy lives. 

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Build meaningful

We get work done but we also make time to chat about what else is going on in our lives. We host a monthly lean-in circle for the women at Virtasant, well-being discussion groups, Ted Circles, and donut meetings. We foster a culture of inclusion and well-being because we understand the importance of meaningful connections with others.


What Inspires Us at Virtasant?

At Virtasant, I find the possibility of working on impactful projects that allow me to develop my professional skills and at the same time, do this from the comfort of my home. In this way, I take advantage of the flexibility of the organization and get to spend valuable time with my kids. 

Carolina Jacob
HR Lead

What I like the most about working at Virtasant, is that work is correctly prioritized to meet customer needs. Promised means delivered for us. At Virtasant, I get to work efficiently and take time off as needed,  so I find the right work-life balance. 

Javlon Sodikov
Senior Software Engineer

Thanks to Virtasant, I'm given an incredible opportunity to collaborate and learn from industry experts worldwide. The remote setup not only provides me with an exceptional work-life balance but also allows me to wholeheartedly focus on what truly matters – delivering value to both clients and the company in alignment with our outcome-focused approach.

Ida Prolaz
Head of Delivery
Bosnia and Herzegovina


We want to support the innovative minds that represent the groups and communities that are still getting left behind in tech

We believe that diverse teams are high-performing teams, and that businesses have a responsibility to embrace diversity and provide opportunities for those with the skill and desire to succeed, but not the opportunity.

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Are You One of Us?

Building an incredible community of top talent means finding kindred spirits! The type of people who thrive at Virtasant are driven by a set of core principles.

  • Solving Problems: Our people are energized by the opportunity to work on interesting, worthwhile challenges. They are creative problem-solvers who like to tinker, innovate, and find a new way.

  • Staying Sharp: Members of the Virtasant community enjoy deepening their skill sets, learning new systems, and advancing in their careers.

  • Working Together: There is a powerful synergy when top minds are collaborating to tackle complex projects. The folks at Virtasant enjoy working (virtually) alongside equally talented colleagues who champion, build on, and elevate their own thinking to find the best solutions.

  • Being Flexible: Our team members understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to work style, problem-solving, and learning. Being adaptable leads us to better results in less time, with happier employees.

  • Client-Focused: At Virtasant, we align our work and priorities with the goals and interests of our clients. We share a belief that their success is our success.

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