Don't just build on the cloud. Build for the cloud.

The public cloud gives organizations the power to harness technology like never before. We help companies build cloud-optimized applications to take advantage of that power.

Start Building on the Cloud

Build the right solution for the cloud

Our deep cloud expertise and global team of cloud experts, powered by our distributed agile methods, will ensure that
you get the solution you need, on-time and on-budget, guaranteed.

Virtasant RapidStart

In less than two weeks, we can help you transform an idea into an app concept, complete with user flows, cost estimate, and implementation plan.

Cloud-Native Rewrite

Have a migrated app that isn't quite cutting it in the cloud?  We can help by rearchitecting it for the modern cloud, either component-by-component or in its entirety.

Cloud Architecture

Need help improving stability or building cloud-native products?  Trying to improve scalability or select a cloud provider?  Whatever the challenge, our Solution Architects can help.


Want specific expertise or additional scale?  We can pair with your team to build your product.

Product Development

We'll build your product or application for you with our global team. We'll deliver the scope committed for the quoted price, guaranteed.

Cloud Optimization

We can help you make sure your applications and your overall cloud footprint are highly efficient, cost effective, and optimized for scale & reliability.

What we do

We provide cloud management
services for organizations

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Global Teams & Agile Methods

Our global team of experts, enabled by our distributed agile methodology, will ensure that you get exactly the product you need.


The public cloud provides limitless capabilities, but you need to use them.  We only work in the public cloud, and our teams are focused on using as much of the public cloud's out-of-the-box capabilities as possible.


Our proprietary optimization technology ensures maximum cost efficiency and scalability


Global team of cloud experts with state of the art cloud security


Modern devops methods support a high degree of automation


We provide everything from basic managed cloud to full application outsourcing services

To thrive in the cloud, you need the right team with the right expertise.

Building software in the public cloud requires taking a different approach.  We focus on leveraging everything the cloud has to offer to build amazing products that were made for the cloud.

Cloud Expertise & Scale

We've been working in the public cloud since 2006. Our team of over 4,000 cloud professionals provides deep expertise and the ability to scale quickly.

Modern Methods & Flexible Engagement Models

We can pair with your team, provide individual experts, or guarantee delivery with a complete Virtasant team. Our unique distributed agile methods ensure rapid delivery and successful outcomes.

We know what it takes to build in the cloud.

Work with us and get the outcome you are looking for, guaranteed.

Built for the Long Term

We maintain over 300 products, support thousands of cloud applications, and manage billions of lines of code, so we know how to build for the long term. We will make sure your product is setup for success today and into the future.

Managed Cloud Services

We can build the app for you to manage, or we can manage the application for you, leveraging our highly scalable, reliable managed cloud service.  Either way, you get a reliable, scalable, highly-optimized product that is built for the cloud, guaranteed.

Ready to thrive in the cloud?  Let's get to work.

Getting started with us is simple.  Through our Virtasant RapidStart process, we will work with you to understand your goals and suggest a solution.

Step 1

Initial Scope

In a short conversation with an expert, we will work to understand your goals

Step 2


Our RapidStart method will quickly understand the details of your solution so that we can create a custom tailored solution and plan.

Step 3


We will deliver a plan based on your needs, complete with time to deliver, costs, and ongoing run costs.  If you work with us to implement, we guarantee the cost to build and the ongoing run costs.

Talk to an expert

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