Reduce your cloud costs by over 50%

We will also continuously keep your cloud spend under control.....automatically.
Our deep expertise, proven methods, and innovative technology can help companies of any size get control of their cloud spend.
If we don't drive down your costs substantially, you don't pay.

Start reducing your cloud costs

The cloud provides infinite scale, flexibility, and freedom to innovate.
Unfortunately, it also provides infinite opportunities for your technology costs to spiral out of control.


"Over the next two years, worldwide spending on the public cloud is expected to grow by over 40% to $362B"

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The State of FinOps Report 2021

“94% of organizations have not automated their ability to realize cloud cost savings”

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We will lower your cloud costs dramatically. Guaranteed.

Guided by Expertise | Cloud Optimization Virtasant

Guided by Expertise

Not just a tool, our cloud experts have been developing innovative strategies to control cloud spend for over a decade.

Automated Resolution for cost saving

Automated Resolution

We don't just tell you where you are spending and how to save money. We allow you to take action automatically.

Flexible Services on Cloud Optimization Virtasant

Highly Flexible

We integrate with a wide range of data sources, including platform standard metrics, 3rd party monitoring tools, and custom data sources.

Cloud Optimization Costs Virtasant

Beyond Simple Configuration

Identify opportunities to improve scalability and reduce spend through re-architecture, consolidation, and simplification.

Accountability & Traceability

Accountability & Traceability

Go beyond visibility and drive full accountability and traceability throughout the entire cloud lifecycle.

Full-Lifecycle Workflow | Virtasant

Full-Lifecycle Workflow

Finding opportunities is just the start of the journey. We provide a full-lifecycle workflow to make sure every opportunity is realized.

Let us show you how to reduce your cloud spend by over 50%

If you do not save you do not pay. It really is as simple as that!

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The cloud can take your business to new levels.
It can also take your infrastructure bill to new levels

Learn how leading organizations are getting control of their cloud spend by joining the FinOps community of cloud practitioners

Virtasant is a proud contributing member of the FinOps community.
We are a FinOps certified Service Provider, Platform, and Training Provider.

Successfully navigate the #1 FinOps challenge

Breakout Session | AWS re:Invent 2022

How to empower software engineers to take action

The Keys to AWS Optimization | AWS Show
Get a full, printable copy of the AWS Show conversation on the various approaches a FinOps program could take to address the #1 FinOps challenge from a practitioner's viewpoint.

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Cloud Optimization Leaders | Virtasant

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