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February 20, 2021

How AWS Certification Empowers Engineers


Ashley Simpo

Cloud architects and engineers with AWS certifications are in demand as Amazon Web Services continues to dominate the cloud market. Find out how this learning and education initiative creates new career opportunities for the cloud technician community.

This year among the exciting announcements and speakers is the Training and Certification Leadership Session. Maureen Lonergan, Director of Worldwide Training and Certification, will speak on the importance and impact of providing AWS certification opportunities for those who want to expand their skills and marketability.

This year, we pushed to support as many engineers within our company as possible by offering sponsorship to take the AWS course of their choice on the Cloud Guru platform and their certification exam fees. Michael Kearns, Virtasant CEO, is determined to see that his company not only offers the opportunity for growth but an abundance of high-level cloud experts.

“We want to build the largest pool of AWS experts in the world. This is a way to build skills and invest in our people.” Kearns says of his efforts to empower the expansive group of architects and engineers that work within Virtasant's cloud solutions cosmos. Over 140 Virtasant technologists have enrolled in the AWS certification training program, and over a dozen have completed at least one certification. "Knowledge of the AWS Cloud is becoming increasingly important," said one engineer, who completed the Solutions Architect Associate training, "acquiring a certification helps [companies] validate your skillset."

AWS currently dominates the cloud space, with over 33% of the market share. Companies like ours, who invest in their engineers' professional growth, only stand to benefit as demand continues to grow. Having AWS certifications under one's belt also results in 30% higher pay, according to a report from Simple iLearn.

"We want to build the largest pool of AWS experts in the world. This is a way to build skills and invest in our people."

Those interested in pushing their skills to the next level have the option to take one of four learning routes in cloud:

  • Practitioner: cloud basics and best practices
  • Architect: system design
  • Developer: develop learning for cloud applications
  • Operations: apps, networks, and systems automation

Mastering an in-demand skill and increasing competitiveness is not the only benefit engineers and companies stand to gain. Innovation serves the end-user as well.

Another Virtasant engineer and Ph.D. candidate who recently obtained the Machine Learning specialty certification is enthusiastic about the impact on customers. "It will allow me to help [build] better products and services. I am really hoping it will have a positive impact on the people who use our services and products."

While our experts are increasing their already expansive cloud knowledge through the AWS certification program, entry-level training opportunities are also available. The AWS re/Start program aims to provide career advancement and training opportunities to individuals who are unemployed or underemployed as well as service veterans. The re/Start program offers free skills-based training and preparation for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. The program also provides resume and interview coaching to prepare participants for employment.

From powering start-ups to empowering future technologists, the future of work is unquestionably in the cloud. It's time to invest in skill-building and enable innovators to shape the next generation.


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