A community for senior AI professionals interested in driving real value and innovation with AI

AI 5essions is an exclusive and free 5 person event designed specifically for senior AI professionals and brought to you by Virtasant. This midday virtual gathering is dedicated to fostering connections, camaraderie, and insightful conversations among leaders in the AI space.

"Very interesting and thought provoking discussion on AI and Product Management..."

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We carefully select each attended and space is limited!

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Share ideas and make connections over a delightful spread of tasty snacks


Enjoy honest conversation in a safe space where you can really dig in on difficult topics


Actually have fun and learn something new that matters to you and your business

5 people.
Infinite connections.

AI 5essions is a gathering the Virtasant team hosts once a month online at no charge to the attendees. Each event is designed as a small group, no-sales session where the focus is solely on AI discussion and ideas and powered by a delightful box of tasty snacks. After all, what better thing to bring smart people together and get them talking than food?

Who’s going
to be there?

The invitation list for each and every event ensures a well-balanced, non-competitive group of five people in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that allows participants to feel comfortable—and talkative. Great connections come from great conversation, and AI 5essions encourages positive, safe, frank, and open discussion around topics we all care about.

Why 5?

It’s the perfect number of people. We enjoy the intimacy and power of a small group, but enough variety of opinion to drive innovative insights and unexpected outcomes. The goal is to come away with a sense of support, camaraderie, and understanding—the unmistakable feeling that you’ve connected with someone who gets you, knows what you’re going through, and can help you along the way.

The universal language of community.

Nothing brings people together like a good bite to eat. Since we were little children, we’ve been gathering around the table with family and friends to share a meal. So we strive to make AI 5essions a unique community experience by creating a custom menu of tasty noshes delivered to your door.

Get Invited.

As the name suggests, there are a limited number of seats for each AI 5essions event. We curate the guest list to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and that we’re forming a great group of peers. If you’re interested in joining us, please fill out the form below. If you’re a fit for the event, we would love to host you at AI 5essions soon.

Request a seat. We carefully select each attended and space is limited!

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“Very interesting and thought provoking discussion on AI and Product Management. Jake as the master facilitator did a great job getting everyone involved and sharing their ideas and perspectives. I highly recommend these sessions!”
Cesar Castro
Sr. Product Manager Automation Services @ Salesforce

“Well played, Virtasant... empowering one of the best connection-building professionals in the tech and community space (Jake McKee) to host a thoughtful session on AI and AI-integration. This was a great experience. The snacks were delightful, the conversation inspiring, and the participants were a dream to meet. I look forward to what the future holds for AI 5essions!”
Izzy Neis
Head of Digital @ ModSquad

What to Expect

Meaningful conversations

Share insights, challenges, and triumphs with your peers from multiple sectors of the AI industry

Guided discussion

Honest, open conversation guided by an expert facilitator while keeping a casual, fun vibe

Lasting relationships

Going beyond a traditional “professional” event and creating genuine friendships with like-minded AI leaders