Take Control of Cloud Costs

The complete guide to setting up an effective cloud cost optimization program

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Learn how to build a successful cloud cost management program

This 25-page guide provides a framework for managing and controlling your cloud costs, including:

  • Our five core principles for an effective cloud cost management program
  • Strategies to improve efficiency in the cloud
  • Best practices for visibility, execution and management of your cloud 
  • Practical tactics to empower innovation teams to make the most of the cloud

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“To be truly effective, a cloud cost management program must consider the needs of a wide range of stakeholders, including engineering, product, operations, finance and lines of business.” 


Our engineers have decades of cloud engineering experience and a wealth
of knowledge about migrating, optimizing, managing, and building in the cloud. 


Michael Kearns

CEO, Virtasant

Michael Kearns is the founder and CEO of Virtasant. Michael has built and lead many high-growth businesses served as executive management for Accenture, Toptal and ThoughtWorks. The core values he instills in Virtasant's globally distributed, fully remote teams are rooted in diversity and access in the tech industry.

Jon Thompson

CTO, Virtasant

Jon Thompson is the Chief Technology Officer at Virtasant. He has over 25 years of experience delivering technology solutions in organizations such as Goldman Sachs and CBOE Global Markets. Jon is responsible for the technical strategy and execution of Virtasant’s services, including Cloud Optimization.

Melissa Lorton

Program Manager, Virtasant

Melissa Lorton is a Virtasant Client Delivery Lead with nearly 20 years of management consulting experience leading integrations and driving efficiency. Melissa manages Virtasant’s largest cost optimization client and holds accountability for program and change management to realize identified savings. 


Ashley Simpo

Managing Editor, Virtasant


Ylanda Hill

Researcher, Virtasant

Take Control of Cloud Costs

The complete guide to setting up an effective cloud cost optimization program

Get the e-Guide