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We've screened millions of candidates to find the very best cloud professionals in the world to build our global team. You can build your own elite global teams with Virtasant.

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Cloud Expertise. Global Reach.

With over 4,000 cloud professionals in more than 130 countries, we can help you build the right team
for your next important project. Our global network provides expertise across a wide range of disciplines, including:

Full-Stack Engineering

Cloud Architecture


Data Engineering

Front-End Development

Design & UX

Find the cloud talent you need directly from our global network of elite cloud professionals.

Work with some of the best cloud experts in the world, backed by our deep expertise, global team, and proprietary methods.

Only the Best, Guaranteed

We screen over 1 million people a year and put them through an incredibly rigorous vetting process that accepts less than 1% of applicants. We guarantee that every member of our team that you engage will meet your needs, or you don't pay.

Complete Flexibility, Infinite Scale

One of the most powerful aspects of the cloud is its flexibility. Just like with your cloud, we enable you to scale up and scale down teams as needed, making sure you have exactly the right team as needs change.

The cloud can be transformative, but only if you truly leverage its power.
Work with experts that can help you get there.

Global Reach

We've built an unmatched network of over 4,000 cloud professionals across more than 130 countries so that you can build the team you need, when you need it.

Curated Talent, Backed by Expertise

Our entire business is focused on helping companies thrive in the cloud. Don't talk to a recruiter and get resumes based on keyword searches. Work with one of our experts to find exactly the right talent, backed by our industry-leading cloud capabilities and expertise.

Ready to thrive in the cloud?  Let's get to work.

Our proprietary assessment method typically takes less than 2 weeks to complete, and will require less than 20 hours of your time. In 3 easy steps, you will get a migration design, plan, and business case. Did we mention that it is free?

Step 1


Our proprietary process and analysis tools quickly get to the heart of your application, business goals, and desired outcomes.

Step 2


Leveraging our 15+ years of migration experience, we deliver a tailored recommendation based on your application's current state, your business goals, and desired outcomes.

Step 3


We deliver a plan to get from where you are to the cloud, fully-optimized. The plan will include the total cost, including both migration costs and ongoing run costs.

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