One Barbecue to Rule Them All

The real Texas BBQ experience
at FinOpsX

Join industry peers at the famous, award-winning La Barbecue
in the heart of East Austin.

June 19th, 2022

Immediately after the FinOpsX
Welcome Gathering @ 7:30 PM Central

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Meet the women behind
the legendary La Barbecue!

LeAnn and her wife, Ali, treat customers to slow-smoked brisket, house-made spicy sausages, giant ribs, and a lot of delicious sides.

"Our company is female-owned. That may not sound like a big deal, but in the sausage fest of the BBQ industry, we’re proud the future is female"

LeAnn Mueller, the owner

La Barbecue is here to show that women
belong in the male-dominated world of barbecue.

Customers like Justin Timberlake, Jay Z,
and more have raved about their food.

Barbeque is in my blood. In honor of my dad and to preserve his legacy, I am doing a barbecue for him.

LeAnn Mueller, the owner

The smoked meat mecca finds its forever home.

Rod Machen, Austin Chronicle

You can tell with each bite that whoever is making this is passionate about it.


It is genuinely the best BBQ I have ever had, with flavors inspired by their travels to Asia, Portugal, and more.

Ian Shive, Discovery

Best. BBQ. In. Town. Period.


Everything You Need to Know About Texas BBQ

Come and hear in-person pitmaster LeAnn talk about her own Central Texas style of cooking low and slow meat. We will learn what makes their recipes unique while enjoying succulent briskets and other dishes free of hormones and no sugar added.

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Experience BBQ as a True Texan

Sunday, June 19th
The celebration of barbecue starts at 7:30 pm CT

We are expecting you after the FinOps Foundation Evening Welcome Gathering.

Location La Barbecue, Austin

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Get There On Us!

We’re covering your Uber trips to and from this event.

You will receive electronic vouchers for rides to and from the BBQ which is only 1.5 miles from the JW Marriott

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